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Perfectly Imperfect

By: Anita Cook
I wish that I knew then, what I know now... Come to think of it; I say that way more frequently the more seasoned I become. Early on in ministry, a visit to our house with little or no notice would send me into a frenzied state.  And oh, my poor family--I turned into a lunatic as I frantically assigned each warm body something to do before people arrived.  I was a Martha in overdrive. Even now it saddens me as I think about the strain I put on my husband and boys in my efforts to impress others with my momentarily pristine home.
Understand that I would love to have a tidy, picturesque home all of the time; that's just not realistic in every season of life. In fact, "All of the time" is completely impossible in most seasons. Life and ministry are always happening and, for most of us, at a...

Finding Your Ministry

By: Michelle Mundy You know the drill. We need someone to work nursery. Oh, that’s okay, the pastors' wife can do it. No one wants to work with the youth. The pastors' wife. Missions Organization? Pastors' wife. Lead music, play piano, teach Sunday school, arrange events, cook meals, children’s ministry, work as secretary got it covered; the pastors' wife can do it.
I have learned, albeit the hard way, that my calling is not one of an unpaid staff member. My first calling is to minister to my husband and family. Then, when God places on my heart an area of ministry, I am free as a member of the church to serve in that area. But there are times when saying “no” doesn’t sound, Christian, especially coming from the pastor’s wife. Loving, Godly church members simply assume you will do it. Gladly and exceptionally I might add.
Let me encourage you in the power of saying...

I’m Not Cut Out for This!

By:  Jodi Aiken
"Now that my husband is a Pastor do I need to lengthen my skirts?" This question was one of many I had as we entered the ministry. I felt so inadequate to be the wife of a Pastor. I viewed Pastor's wives as having it all together, well versed in the Word, and strong. I was none of those things. As questions, concerns, and fears consumed my mind, I felt defeat was no longer knocking at my door but in the house. In my desperate state, I called out to a friend that happened to be a youth Pastor's wife. I secretly hoped that she could give me a list of dos and don'ts and shape me into what I needed to become. As we sat across the table from one another at a local restaurant, I began blurting out all my jumbled-up thoughts and questions. They went something like this: I never dreamed in a...

Fear or Faith

By: Emily Dean
Ladies, I want to share with you about something I am really good at. In fact, I could really consider myself an expert in this. I am really good at being afraid. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt so well acquainted that fear could be your constant companion? Whenever a frightening situation comes up, I know immediately how to be afraid. What I'm not always so good at is exercising faith in the midst of fear. Since childhood I have experienced all kinds of fears: fear of the dark, fear of bad weather, fear of mice (what can I say...I grew up in the country!), fear of people (people pleasers, anyone?), and fear of public speaking just to name a few. The last one is the most ironic because as a ministry wife and teacher I have found myself in front of more than my share of crowds! Where...

Jesus, Our Joy–Lesson 11

I've often thought of joy as a place of deep contentment. Contentment has been this illusive place that I've sought after but found that in my own strength I could not seem to get myself to this place. It has been a process of God shaping and changing my heart where I have been wooed into His rest that I have found this deep peace and contentment into whatever circumstances He has led me. Does that mean every situation is fun? No, not even a little bit. But the more I've pursued Jesus, the more I've found purpose in each moment--even the smallest, seemingly pointless ones. God is near and at work ALWAYS. He is moving to complete His work in me (Philippians 1:6) and His Kingdom work in the hearts of those around me. It is here, that I find rest and contentment. In this final lesson, Paul challenges us with the secret of being content in any...

Super Mom

I longed to be a mother, but I was barren for the first twelve years of marriage. Our journey was as follows; Declared barren Five failed open adoptions One still born birth in the six month of pregnancy High-Risk Pregnancy in our twelfth year of marriage Mother's Day was always a brutal reminder that I was still not a mother.  As the Pastor's wife, I couldn't or didn't feel as if I could show any disappointment or sadness, so I put a smile on my face and got through the day.  I even prayed with other motherless women. I relate to Hannah of I Samuel!  She was the example of a desperate woman of God.  She carried her burdened heart to the Lord, and He heard her cry!  (I Samuel 1:8-28) She became the ultimate Super Mom!  Hannah gave birth to Samuel and faithfully carried out her commitment by giving him to the Lord. Super Mom's are not exclusive. You know you are a...

Following Jesus Takes Grit!

By: Jodi Aiken
Have you ever made a promise to God not knowing what kind of resolve it would take, but you were all in? In my late twenties, God called me to follow Him into ministry. In yielding to His calling I promised God, I would never turn down an opportunity to share with others about the mercy, grace, and redemptive power He granted me. I committed to following Him anywhere, anytime, and at any cost. Little did I know what kind of grit I would need to keep my commitment. There have been seasons when I wanted to retract my promise -  Seasons that were too hard, too overwhelming, and too painful to forge ahead. Have you ever wrestled with keeping your promise to God? Maybe you have been hurt by others within your church, and you’re ready to throw in the towel and quit. Your clenched fist raised in the air, you have wanted to...

Jesus, Our Joy–Lesson 10

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" I'm not sure about you but that one line causes me to start humming a song I learned as a child. If you aren't familiar with a song with that phrase, don't stress. You are saved from the torture of a sing-songy song stuck in your head. Though many of us have heard this familiar verse, the reality of living it out seems to be an overwhelming endeavor. How are you supposed to actually live out joy when life is falling apart around you? In this week's lesson, we'll consider what happens when we yield to our growing knowledge of who God is and His work in our lives. We're going to take a look at the hows of rejoicing in the Lord ALWAYS.

Jesus, Our Joy–Lesson 9

I'm so proud of you for making it to lesson 9. It's never easy to stick with something for this many weeks. I'm certain that God has spoken to your heart as you have allowed His Word to wash over you. In lesson 9, Paul reminds the Philippians of how important it is to find unity with one another. He is moved with compassion for the lost when he pleads with the Philippians to seek to find common ground. Paul reminds the church that the lost are headed for hell and as believers they shouldn't be so easily led astray by the worlds' ways because they are citizens of heaven. They belong to God and one day they will experience transformed bodies when they go home. In this lesson, we cover the immediate context Paul is referring and practical application for us, as believers, living in a fallen, broken world.

Jesus, Our Joy–Lesson 8

Many Christians have become really good at listening to another sermon or Bible study and being reminded of what they should be doing. Unfortunately, education hasn't always led to execution because while we've become familiar with what we should be doing, we lack the steps to actually do it. In this week's lesson, we consider not only that we should be in hot pursuit of Christ, but we also consider the how-to's of nurturing hearts that long after Him. As you begin this lesson, take time to slow down, talk to God about your heart right now. Ask Him to draw you near as He transforms you into His likeness.