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3 Effective Ways to (Actually) Embrace a Rhythm of Rest

By: Bobi Ann Allen
Is it just me or is genuine rest elusive?
There is an angst deep within me for my mind to slow down and my soul to breathe. Do you feel it? An ache for contentment and room for God to move in your life?
This yearning is evidence of God at work in your life. He is drawing you into a lifestyle and rhythm of rest.
There are and always will be seasoned haired schedules and scores of demands. They shouldn't be ours all the time. They should be seasonal and sporadic.
Living a rhythm of rest is counter cultural and just plain hard. The world functions at break-neck speed and choosing anything different is considered weird.
And there you have it-experiencing a rhythm of rest will require choices so contrary to our culture, it will at first seem awkward and dicey.
Embracing a rhythm of rest is ACTUALLY possible. Here are three ways you can...

Back to the Basics

"Lord this is too much. I need a moment to myself. Everybody needs me all at the same time. Can I just scream?"

Perhaps this is familiar. Perhaps you are overrun with everyday tasks, overwhelmed by the needs of everyone around you, drowning in your attempt to be everything to everyone else. Perhaps you can relate.
As a Pastor's wife, I often find myself feeling stretched thin, caring for my husband and family, attending to the needs of the ministry, interceding on behalf of people I know and don't know, praying for the nation I live in and others I have never visited--AND working a full-time job. Daily life can bog us down and taint our focus if we allow it to do so. Recently I taught a lesson on "Getting Back to the Basics." The lesson served as reminder to all who attended the study as well as to me not to allow daily life to...