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By: Anita Cook
Life is hard. Ministry is messy. Jesus never shied away from the messy and ran head on into the difficult. He touched the unclean and hung out with the outcasts, thieves, and adulterers. Jesus sought out, lived with, and loved them all, no matter how unfathomable their mess might be. He loved them lavishly, knowing full well that many would betray Him anyway. Have you ever been betrayed? Blindsided by someone or something? The very last someone or something on earth that you would expect to happen in your family? Me, too. In the moment, it feels inconceivable; the mere shock of it all seems to halt everything. The initial rationale for me is that he or she would never, that this just cannot be true. I've felt trapped. In a quandary of sorts, not knowing what to believe or how this could be happening. Total disbelief and a searing ache cut to your core. Questions, so...

Confessions of a PK!

By: Christi Watson Until I was a preteen, I ate up every part of being a pastor’s kid.  In my eyes, my Dad knew everything about God and everyone loved my Dad.  Being a pastor’s kid afforded me opportunities to do things like have lunch with my favorite musicians. Doors were opened for me to do what I loved to do, SING! Then there was the “J” incident.  I will call him J to protect his identity.  I was on the cusp of middle school when my Dad decided to take a very public stance from the pulpit against a store in our small Texas town that was actively promoting pornography.  J’s father had been very strategic in bringing this business to our town.  Day after day this boy would mock me on the playground because of my Dad.  I remember feeling ashamed and then increasingly angry.  One day, backed by the full force of my...

I’m Sorry!

Make allowance for each other's faults, and forgive anyone who offends you.  Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:13-14

"I'm sorry!" Words are spoken in frustration not because the person wanted forgiveness but because she wanted the conflict quickly resolved.  She desired to brush what was stirred up "under the rug" and move forward without any true accountability for words spoken, no remorse for actions taken, no true reconciliation or mending. The problem with not cleaning up what's stirred up is that it's still under the surface.  Stirred up and lying in wait to trip us up through mistrust, unforgiveness, pride, harshness, gossip, slander, hard-heartedness, rebellion and selfishness. The result:
  •     Doubt
  •     Disunity
  •     Distrust
  •     Disharmony.
None of us is exempt from relational conflict.  It's part of life.  If you have two people in a relationship, there is bound...

True Love

“There’s your act of true love - riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent, reindeer king.” - Olaf from Frozen Ok, so maybe Olaf wasn’t exactly right about Anna’s needed act of true love, but we have to give the little snowman - who loves warm hugs credit...he knew true love required a sacrifice. We as ministers’ wives think we have this sacrifice thing down...at least I have felt that way. We sacrifice time with our husbands. We sacrifice our privacy. We sacrifice financially. We sacrifice our time in general...sacrifice... sacrifice...sacrifice. If asked why we “do we do all we do” we would honestly say because we love our church and we love God. Right? Then why does it feel less like sacrifice and more like a demand that we have very little choice over? Why do we feel used and abused much of the time in our role as ministers’ wives rather than feeling satisfied and...

Whose Battle Is It?

A few summers ago we hosted a BBQ at our home. I was enjoying the beautiful sunny day watching families visit and children play. Then I overheard a young girl ask her mother to take her inside our house. She said, “I want to see what a pastor’s house looks like”. Yes that sounds comical but I don’t think its’ just children that think we are a different species. Her mother laughed quietly but quickly found a reason that they needed to come into our home. You know I truly believe she was just as curious as her child. When they entered the kitchen door I watched her scan the room carefully and then made her way to the washroom scoping out each room on her way. Ministry families are often held to different standard and expected to be perfect in every situation. When we fail to meet those expectations the stories start spreading. It’s...

Betrayal….I’m Dead Meat

I knew something was up. We had a saying, "There's a disturbance in the force".  This tongue in cheek statement  was made when there was no apparent reason for feelings of  uneasiness and yet those feelings were present.  You know -  the feeling that something was happening that you couldn't quite put a finger on. For us, it signaled the need for increased, vigilant prayer. He walked through the door and I saw the look on his face.  It was more stressed than usual.  He carried an envelope in his hand and as he handed it to me flatly stated, "The most spiritual comment I can make is, "I'm dead meat."  "What's going on," I asked? He gave a tension filled explanation that his administrative assistant had resigned.  She had written a resignation which in reality was a lengthy tell all "letter" and submitted it to the former search team and him. We had been...