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3 Effective Ways to (Actually) Embrace a Rhythm of Rest

By: Bobi Ann Allen
Is it just me or is genuine rest elusive?
There is an angst deep within me for my mind to slow down and my soul to breathe. Do you feel it? An ache for contentment and room for God to move in your life?
This yearning is evidence of God at work in your life. He is drawing you into a lifestyle and rhythm of rest.
There are and always will be seasoned haired schedules and scores of demands. They shouldn't be ours all the time. They should be seasonal and sporadic.
Living a rhythm of rest is counter cultural and just plain hard. The world functions at break-neck speed and choosing anything different is considered weird.
And there you have it-experiencing a rhythm of rest will require choices so contrary to our culture, it will at first seem awkward and dicey.
Embracing a rhythm of rest is ACTUALLY possible. Here are three ways you can...


He was a Roman citizen and a Jew.  He was outspoken, bold, and courageous.  To some, he was brash, prideful and overbearing.  "Persecutor of the followers of the Way, hounding some to death, arresting both men and women and throwing them in prison." (Acts 22:4 NLT) He was well versed in the traditions and teachings of the Jewish faith as well as being a solid Roman citizen.  Then one day, on the Damascus road, Saul, a persecutor of the church (the Way), became Paul. Suddenly, the trouble he had caused the Way shifted and he became a troublemaker for the religious leaders of His day.  He went from holder of tradition to warrior for the Way. Why in the world would I write today above all days on Paul?  Because as a leader, when Paul showed up or spoke up there was trouble.   On the road to Damascus he was blinded by the...

Finish well

Written by:  Michelle Muncy I have finished the work which You have given Me to do. John 17:4b NKJV It's happening again. If you are a pastor's wife, I'm sure you have been there. The moment you realize the Lord is calling you away from your current ministry on to something new. Rob laughs at me because I begin to save boxes months before we ever know we are moving. Closets start to get cleaned out and I just 'know'. I guess the Lord realizes I need more time than Rob to adjust. The problem with moving is saying goodbye: to ministries, to loved ones, to dreams that never will be. It is bittersweet because you know the Lord is moving you for a purpose but it is still so hard so say goodbye. Of course, there are also those ministries we can't wait to leave. The ministry that is so painful but the Lord has yet...