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This Thing Called Love

By: Denise Willis
As a believer in the Body of Christ, it is imperative to love as Christ loves. Too often we mistake acceptance for love, withdrawing it from those who may need it most.  We think that if we embrace them or love them, we are accepting the very thing with which we disagree. When we love as Christ loved we do so in a way that points them towards him and away from sin.
Throughout the Bible, we see examples of how Christ loved. In our day and age, our progressive society often wants our display of love to include the embracing of sin.
While Jesus was speaking to the woman at the well (something not done in those days because Samaritans and Jews did not have dealings with one another), He acknowledged her sin (by asking her to call her husband, knowing she did not have one). Though this woman was living a sinful...

Be Still…I’m Moving

It is dark yet, and the day is so very young when I nestle into my favorite chair. There is such a stillness in our home this time of day except for the ticking of the clock and the occasional peaceful sighs of my sleeping pup nearby. My heart welcomes the stillness. I need these few moments far more than I make time for them. The last few months have been hard…really, really hard. Just the thought of some recent events exhausts me. It is in this pure stillness that I find solace and am replenished by HIM. Though in these moments few words are uttered, there is a crying out of the soul to its Maker. Cries for help, comfort, wisdom, healing. I know!!! I know with all that I am that He is working…. moving and orchestrating the impossible. My problem is that patience in the process is not my strong suit, especially when people I...