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Letting Him Write Your Story!

By: Jennifer Mills
As I sit here at my laptop this morning reflecting on 15 years of ministry, I think back to my 22-year-old self---newlywed and on the cusp of such a beautiful journey of life and ministry. But, oh my goodness, that dewy-eyed newlywed had no idea what was to come. We've all heard the statement "hindsight is 20/20". We see and can understand so clearly when looking in the rear-view mirror, but in the moment, when we are praying, seeking and leaning into the Lord for clarity and discernment, it's hard to see the big picture.
Over the last 15 years of marriage and full-time ministry, if I've learned ANYTHING it has been to embrace the posture of "surrender" in my life. Surrender is so much more than that moment of salvation - in surrendering your life to the Lord. The Lord has taught me that it is a daily decision in my life....

Contextual Living

It was Monday, and despite how tired we were after a full weekend of ministry, we headed to Animal Kingdom to kick off our boys spring break with a bang! We knew that the week ahead would require us to be away from Michael and Ryan a lot and really wanted to spend some quality time loving on them. The weather wasn't great, mostly over cast and drizzly, but not enough to call it quits. We sauntered through the park and as we did, received some unexpected texts regarding conference accommodations for the next day, which unfortunately required our immediate attention. We continued on as my husband and I addressed separate issues on our phones, when a couple moving at a slightly faster pace skirted by, looking at us with much disapproval. As they passed, the man proceeded to say, snarkily, "Well that's great parenting!" referring to us both being on our phones at a theme...