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I Remember

By: Diane Nix
For the past 11 years when the end of August comes rolling around, I remember. Memories flood over me like the waters of Hurricane Katrina.  My family evacuated our home in New Orleans 12 years ago this week.  A home, in which we had lived for only three weeks.  I had complained about having too much stuff!  I wasn't complaining as we hurriedly stuffed a few items in bags.  Grabbed our Oscar Meyer wienie dog, crammed the four us in our van and headed out in the opposite direction than everyone else.  Yes, that would be my clan.  The family that forges their own path.  Arriving in Panama City Beach, we would make this our home for a month after the hurricane.
I remember living as if I were dreaming every day.  I kept thinking I would wake up, but every day the dream continued.  Suddenly, the many important things in life were...