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Perfectly Imperfect

By: Anita Cook
I wish that I knew then, what I know now... Come to think of it; I say that way more frequently the more seasoned I become. Early on in ministry, a visit to our house with little or no notice would send me into a frenzied state.  And oh, my poor family--I turned into a lunatic as I frantically assigned each warm body something to do before people arrived.  I was a Martha in overdrive. Even now it saddens me as I think about the strain I put on my husband and boys in my efforts to impress others with my momentarily pristine home.
Understand that I would love to have a tidy, picturesque home all of the time; that's just not realistic in every season of life. In fact, "All of the time" is completely impossible in most seasons. Life and ministry are always happening and, for most of us, at a...