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Let Them Love You!

By:  Rebecca Holloway  
Your husband has stood beside countless bedsides as dear saints have gone home to glory. You have taken food to those who are sick or have had surgery. You have thrown countless baby showers and wedding showers. Your minister husband and you have prayed with many who have serious family needs or are burdened with life's hardships. You have sent cards and texts when someone needed encouragement. You both have cried with those who wept tears of extreme sorrow or pain.
In ministry, one of our jobs is to be present when someone in our congregation is in need. And often, we receive the blessing from it even when it's a hard situation. We know we have been right where we were supposed to be, doing exactly what God has called us to.

When You Can’t Do It All

By:  Rebecca Holloway With the office of pastor's wife comes a list of expectations. We've all read articles on the internet or books about how to meet those expectations. But what if you CAN'T respond to those expectations? What if it becomes humanly impossible for you to serve? What if you are sidelined by a serious illness? In the past three years of my life, my ability to serve has become limited at times. Between my son Evan being born with Down's Syndrome and various health issues of my own, I have missed some Sundays. But nothing prepared me for what happened this past Christmas. After playing in a piano concert the first Sunday of Advent, I noticed I wasn't feeling well and hadn't been for most of the week. I couldn't figure it out. I wasn't congested, my ears weren't hurting, nor was I coughing. I just felt unwell. I was sweaty, achy, I had a...

Suffering Well

By:  Michelle Muncy Recently I stepped up in our church at the end of Sunday night fellowship and asked them to pray for me. In the past several weeks we have had wave after wave of hardships. One or two I can handle, but this constant bombardment has worn me down. I was to the point I just couldn't handle "one more thing". Have you been here? I'm sure you have. We had just moved to KY when I fell and broke my hand. While I saved myself from a vicious fall down a flight of stairs, it was at the sacrifice of my freedom. I had to have surgery to place pins in my hand, and I soon found myself frustrated at my lack of ability to function. My husband and daughter had to help me bathe, dress, and bring me meals the church so graciously provided. Everything was hard. (Have you ever tried...