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Following Jesus Takes Grit!

By: Jodi Aiken
Have you ever made a promise to God not knowing what kind of resolve it would take, but you were all in? In my late twenties, God called me to follow Him into ministry. In yielding to His calling I promised God, I would never turn down an opportunity to share with others about the mercy, grace, and redemptive power He granted me. I committed to following Him anywhere, anytime, and at any cost. Little did I know what kind of grit I would need to keep my commitment. There have been seasons when I wanted to retract my promise -  Seasons that were too hard, too overwhelming, and too painful to forge ahead. Have you ever wrestled with keeping your promise to God? Maybe you have been hurt by others within your church, and you’re ready to throw in the towel and quit. Your clenched fist raised in the air, you have wanted to...

Be Still…I’m Moving

It is dark yet, and the day is so very young when I nestle into my favorite chair. There is such a stillness in our home this time of day except for the ticking of the clock and the occasional peaceful sighs of my sleeping pup nearby. My heart welcomes the stillness. I need these few moments far more than I make time for them. The last few months have been hard…really, really hard. Just the thought of some recent events exhausts me. It is in this pure stillness that I find solace and am replenished by HIM. Though in these moments few words are uttered, there is a crying out of the soul to its Maker. Cries for help, comfort, wisdom, healing. I know!!! I know with all that I am that He is working…. moving and orchestrating the impossible. My problem is that patience in the process is not my strong suit, especially when people I...

I’m Sorry!

Make allowance for each other's faults, and forgive anyone who offends you.  Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:13-14

"I'm sorry!" Words are spoken in frustration not because the person wanted forgiveness but because she wanted the conflict quickly resolved.  She desired to brush what was stirred up "under the rug" and move forward without any true accountability for words spoken, no remorse for actions taken, no true reconciliation or mending. The problem with not cleaning up what's stirred up is that it's still under the surface.  Stirred up and lying in wait to trip us up through mistrust, unforgiveness, pride, harshness, gossip, slander, hard-heartedness, rebellion and selfishness. The result:
  •     Doubt
  •     Disunity
  •     Distrust
  •     Disharmony.
None of us is exempt from relational conflict.  It's part of life.  If you have two people in a relationship, there is bound...

True Love

“There’s your act of true love - riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent, reindeer king.” - Olaf from Frozen Ok, so maybe Olaf wasn’t exactly right about Anna’s needed act of true love, but we have to give the little snowman - who loves warm hugs credit...he knew true love required a sacrifice. We as ministers’ wives think we have this sacrifice thing down...at least I have felt that way. We sacrifice time with our husbands. We sacrifice our privacy. We sacrifice financially. We sacrifice our time in general...sacrifice... sacrifice...sacrifice. If asked why we “do we do all we do” we would honestly say because we love our church and we love God. Right? Then why does it feel less like sacrifice and more like a demand that we have very little choice over? Why do we feel used and abused much of the time in our role as ministers’ wives rather than feeling satisfied and...

Betrayal….I’m Dead Meat

I knew something was up. We had a saying, "There's a disturbance in the force".  This tongue in cheek statement  was made when there was no apparent reason for feelings of  uneasiness and yet those feelings were present.  You know -  the feeling that something was happening that you couldn't quite put a finger on. For us, it signaled the need for increased, vigilant prayer. He walked through the door and I saw the look on his face.  It was more stressed than usual.  He carried an envelope in his hand and as he handed it to me flatly stated, "The most spiritual comment I can make is, "I'm dead meat."  "What's going on," I asked? He gave a tension filled explanation that his administrative assistant had resigned.  She had written a resignation which in reality was a lengthy tell all "letter" and submitted it to the former search team and him. We had been...