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This Thing Called Love

By: Denise Willis
As a believer in the Body of Christ, it is imperative to love as Christ loves. Too often we mistake acceptance for love, withdrawing it from those who may need it most.  We think that if we embrace them or love them, we are accepting the very thing with which we disagree. When we love as Christ loved we do so in a way that points them towards him and away from sin.
Throughout the Bible, we see examples of how Christ loved. In our day and age, our progressive society often wants our display of love to include the embracing of sin.
While Jesus was speaking to the woman at the well (something not done in those days because Samaritans and Jews did not have dealings with one another), He acknowledged her sin (by asking her to call her husband, knowing she did not have one). Though this woman was living a sinful...

Fear or Faith

By: Emily Dean
Ladies, I want to share with you about something I am really good at. In fact, I could really consider myself an expert in this. I am really good at being afraid. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt so well acquainted that fear could be your constant companion? Whenever a frightening situation comes up, I know immediately how to be afraid. What I'm not always so good at is exercising faith in the midst of fear. Since childhood I have experienced all kinds of fears: fear of the dark, fear of bad weather, fear of mice (what can I say...I grew up in the country!), fear of people (people pleasers, anyone?), and fear of public speaking just to name a few. The last one is the most ironic because as a ministry wife and teacher I have found myself in front of more than my share of crowds! Where...

Walking with Kinslee

By:  Carole Leathem
One afternoon I was taking a walk with my granddaughter. As we walked, Kinslee grabbed my hand and began to walk backward. It was awkward, and she kept stumbling . At one point I let go of her hand for a minute. She said, You’ve got to keep holding my hand!” I looked down and asked, “Why are you walking that way?” She said, “I am watching where I have been. You have to hold my hand, or I will fall because I can[’t see where I am going.” We continued our walk, and soon she turned back around  saying, This is much easier now that I know where I am going.
The next morning, I sat in my office remembering her words. There was a lesson here. I realized that I was walking through my life focusing on where I had been.” Painful circumstances from my...

Suffering Well

By:  Michelle Muncy Recently I stepped up in our church at the end of Sunday night fellowship and asked them to pray for me. In the past several weeks we have had wave after wave of hardships. One or two I can handle, but this constant bombardment has worn me down. I was to the point I just couldn't handle "one more thing". Have you been here? I'm sure you have. We had just moved to KY when I fell and broke my hand. While I saved myself from a vicious fall down a flight of stairs, it was at the sacrifice of my freedom. I had to have surgery to place pins in my hand, and I soon found myself frustrated at my lack of ability to function. My husband and daughter had to help me bathe, dress, and bring me meals the church so graciously provided. Everything was hard. (Have you ever tried...


He was a Roman citizen and a Jew.  He was outspoken, bold, and courageous.  To some, he was brash, prideful and overbearing.  "Persecutor of the followers of the Way, hounding some to death, arresting both men and women and throwing them in prison." (Acts 22:4 NLT) He was well versed in the traditions and teachings of the Jewish faith as well as being a solid Roman citizen.  Then one day, on the Damascus road, Saul, a persecutor of the church (the Way), became Paul. Suddenly, the trouble he had caused the Way shifted and he became a troublemaker for the religious leaders of His day.  He went from holder of tradition to warrior for the Way. Why in the world would I write today above all days on Paul?  Because as a leader, when Paul showed up or spoke up there was trouble.   On the road to Damascus he was blinded by the...


The word for this month is: Renew.  Miriam Webster's dictionary defines this word: to make like new:  restore to freshness, vigor and or perfection: to make like new spiritually.  This summer we are praying that you will experience a renewal in your walk with the Lord.  Maybe you don't need a complete do over but just a refresher from the Holy Spirit!  We are praying for ministry families around the world who love the Lord and desire to serve Him with all of their heart!  We are asking the Holy Spirit to infuse with power to live through the darkness, find strength in your weakness and to complete the task that our mighty God has called you!  We are asking that as you are obedient - He will renew you.  In and through your woundedness you would hear only His voice.  As you confess, as you seek, as you completely surrender anything He asks...

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