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Let Them Love You!

By:  Rebecca Holloway  
Your husband has stood beside countless bedsides as dear saints have gone home to glory. You have taken food to those who are sick or have had surgery. You have thrown countless baby showers and wedding showers. Your minister husband and you have prayed with many who have serious family needs or are burdened with life's hardships. You have sent cards and texts when someone needed encouragement. You both have cried with those who wept tears of extreme sorrow or pain.
In ministry, one of our jobs is to be present when someone in our congregation is in need. And often, we receive the blessing from it even when it's a hard situation. We know we have been right where we were supposed to be, doing exactly what God has called us to.

Sending Your Husband

For sixteen years, my husband and I had a great marriage. We loved the Lord, were active in church, tithed, and taught our children about Jesus. When Rob shared he felt called to leave his field and be a pastor full time it was not a surprise; I saw it coming. Taking that leap of faith, well, that took my breath away. So many changes, so many surprises. The Lord saw us through the transition, and Rob got his first church. We were so excited, and I was ever the supportive wife. I knew the Lord had called us and after all how different could it be? What I didn't realize was what Rob becoming a pastor would mean for our family. Suddenly I had become a single mom. No matter how many times I tried to explain this to Rob he just didn't "get it." To him, he was doing what a preacher should. He...