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When Loneliness Invites Company

By: Jodi Aiken
Have you ever felt lonely? I imagine everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives.
To be honest, I struggle with loneliness more than I care to admit.
Sometimes the feeling is short lived, and other times it is a lengthy battle. I know I am losing when I hear the Enemy whispering lies and I begin wondering if there may be truth in them.
Lies such as:
*    Your friends have forgotten about you.
*    You are not needed.
*    Protect your heart, and keep others at a distance.
*    No one else feels the loneliness you do.
*    You are all alone.
Has the Enemy whispered similar lies to you?
When we are in a state of loneliness, the suffocation of it can prevent us from fighting. We fall limp at the feet of the Enemy hoping for a glimmer of light from God to strengthen us.
During one of my battles of loneliness, I went before the Lord and...

Suffering Well

By:  Michelle Muncy Recently I stepped up in our church at the end of Sunday night fellowship and asked them to pray for me. In the past several weeks we have had wave after wave of hardships. One or two I can handle, but this constant bombardment has worn me down. I was to the point I just couldn't handle "one more thing". Have you been here? I'm sure you have. We had just moved to KY when I fell and broke my hand. While I saved myself from a vicious fall down a flight of stairs, it was at the sacrifice of my freedom. I had to have surgery to place pins in my hand, and I soon found myself frustrated at my lack of ability to function. My husband and daughter had to help me bathe, dress, and bring me meals the church so graciously provided. Everything was hard. (Have you ever tried...

Confessions of a PK!

By: Christi Watson Until I was a preteen, I ate up every part of being a pastor’s kid.  In my eyes, my Dad knew everything about God and everyone loved my Dad.  Being a pastor’s kid afforded me opportunities to do things like have lunch with my favorite musicians. Doors were opened for me to do what I loved to do, SING! Then there was the “J” incident.  I will call him J to protect his identity.  I was on the cusp of middle school when my Dad decided to take a very public stance from the pulpit against a store in our small Texas town that was actively promoting pornography.  J’s father had been very strategic in bringing this business to our town.  Day after day this boy would mock me on the playground because of my Dad.  I remember feeling ashamed and then increasingly angry.  One day, backed by the full force of my...