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By: Anita Cook
Life is hard. Ministry is messy. Jesus never shied away from the messy and ran head on into the difficult. He touched the unclean and hung out with the outcasts, thieves, and adulterers. Jesus sought out, lived with, and loved them all, no matter how unfathomable their mess might be. He loved them lavishly, knowing full well that many would betray Him anyway. Have you ever been betrayed? Blindsided by someone or something? The very last someone or something on earth that you would expect to happen in your family? Me, too. In the moment, it feels inconceivable; the mere shock of it all seems to halt everything. The initial rationale for me is that he or she would never, that this just cannot be true. I've felt trapped. In a quandary of sorts, not knowing what to believe or how this could be happening. Total disbelief and a searing ache cut to your core. Questions, so...