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When God’s Woman Wants to Give Up!

When God's Woman Wants to Give Up!

by Diane Nix


Nearly every woman has experienced the kind of day where she wants to throw her arms in the air and shout, “I give up ” Through sharing her own personal experiences, the Word of God, and lessons to consider, a pastor’s wife provides inspiration to others as she explains the book of Job, its origins, and how ancient concepts still apply to women of today’s world.

Diane Nix has personally walked down a road lined with many trials-the loss of a child, a painful church experience, the death of her father, and the loss of all her personal possessions-and has emerged with a deeper understanding of Job’s wife and why a woman who trusts God implicitly might ever feel like she’s lost all hope. By exploring the hardships that Job and his wife faced, Nix is able to inspire others to examine the suffering in their own lives, ultimately encouraging women to analyze their hearts and move forward through life’s unexpected hurdles.

Nix examines the value of true friendship, the daddy/daughter relationship, and how to heal a broken heart as she gently guides women to renew joy and faith, regain strength, and learn to live again with hope in “When God’s Woman Wants to Give Up.”