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Diane grew up not understanding how to apply God’s Word and principles practically in her life. This is the reason she has a great desire for women of all ages to come to know Christ and then to know how to live the abundant and victorious life for Him each and every day.

She has a burning passion to let women know that they are accepted and loved for who the Savior has created them to be – not what the world would mold them to be. Jesus and Jesus alone is to be your true identity.

Diane would be honored to discuss with you the topics that would best minister to your group of women. Please complete the form below and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Speaking Topics

Forfeiting God’s Grace                                                                                                                                    

Have you ever thought that you and I could be forfeiting God’s grace?  What does that look like?  How could that be?  There are times while living in the “glass house” that we can forget who has allowed our success, who has even allowed the hardships.  As my dad would say, we forget who “brung us.”  We can forget the place where we began.  We can forget the pit from which He plucked us.  We can forget the spiritual legacy from which we have come.

Living Inside Out (Ministry Wives)    

Living a life in the glass house, Ministry Wives must have the right tools.  Knowing who you are and whose you are makes the difference in choosing to live from the inside out each and every day.  Understanding the choices and the challenges of this life is the difference between great joy in the journey versus drudgery and dread in the journey.  Join Diane as she discusses glass house living inside out.  Discover and accept your role – your calling. Identify a lie or two and learn to how choose joy while living in the glass house.     

Living Inside Out

Knowing who you are and whose you are makes the difference in choosing to live from the inside out each and every day.  Discover what it takes to live out of an overflow. Learn to identify the lies of our great adversary and to walk in victory from those lies!  Join Diane as you discover your calling and identify a lie or two while choosing joy!                                                                

When God’s Woman Wants to Give Up!
As a Woman of God have you ever wanted to throw in the towel….give up….disappear, or have someone else disappear? In this weekend study or special event message we will take a look at a woman simply named, “Job’s wife.” Was she really that much different than you and I? We will discover where our true identity lies, how to be overcomers, and how to establish, develop and continue to become the woman our Lord desires for us to be.

Everybody Needs A Friend
A weekend study based on the popular book by Dee Brestin, “The Friendship of Women.” Take a close look at Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, and our best friend, Jesus. Let Diane share insight and truth from God’s Word on what kind of friendships you and I should have.

Let Your Light Shine
Learn how you and I can practically make our lives an ever-glowing light to draw men and women to our Savior through lifestyle evangelism. Diane will show you just how easy it is to share Jesus with everyone – the neighbor, the store clerk, and the waiter or waitress that serves you in a restaurant.

To Be Broken and Spilled Out
Discover the blessing that comes when God allows hard times to come into your life to make you more like Him. Walk with Diane as she shares with you the journey of learning to serve in brokeness.

Other Topics

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts and How To Use Them
Spiritual Warfare – The Unseen Enemy
The Lessons of Esther
What Does It Mean To Abide?


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