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This past Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent and as the calendar would have it, Valentines Day! The holiday all about the heart! I have never observed or participated in Lent but of late have been in awe of its significance and purpose for the believer. I live near New Orleans, Louisiana where Mardi Gras is practiced with an abandon. We are the only area in the country where the week of Mardi Gras or "Fat Tuesday" the schools take a week-long holiday. The parade season is over a month long, and I have heard it said by many that it's their favorite time of year - even more than Christmas. Really?  

My first experience with Lent was marked by heading to Walmart to do some grocery shopping early on a Wednesday morning after "Fat Tuesday." Checking off my list that morning, I kept passing people in the isles that had ash marks on their foreheads...

My Word

Each year, I ask the Lord for a specific word to focus on for the coming year!  I search the scriptures for that word and ask the Lord to teach me.  It's been quite a journey.  I have learned much. Mid-November I was having a conversation with my team.  I don't remember the context but I remember what I said, "You have to know your purpose!"  Immediately, I felt a strong impression, this is your word for 2018.  Purpose!  I thought YAY!  Check that off my list!
My team and I finished our conference and I came home....sick.  I've been physically sick since that time.  I have spent a great amount of time through Thanksgiving and Christmas sitting in my comfy, quiet time chair, reading, praying and trying to get a diagnosis. Pneumonia was the final diagnosis and recovery has been brutal!  I have wrestled not only physically but also spiritually as I have...

When Loneliness Invites Company

By: Jodi Aiken
Have you ever felt lonely? I imagine everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives.
To be honest, I struggle with loneliness more than I care to admit.
Sometimes the feeling is short lived, and other times it is a lengthy battle. I know I am losing when I hear the Enemy whispering lies and I begin wondering if there may be truth in them.
Lies such as:
*    Your friends have forgotten about you.
*    You are not needed.
*    Protect your heart, and keep others at a distance.
*    No one else feels the loneliness you do.
*    You are all alone.
Has the Enemy whispered similar lies to you?
When we are in a state of loneliness, the suffocation of it can prevent us from fighting. We fall limp at the feet of the Enemy hoping for a glimmer of light from God to strengthen us.
During one of my battles of loneliness, I went before the Lord and...


By: Anita Cook
Life is hard. Ministry is messy. Jesus never shied away from the messy and ran head on into the difficult. He touched the unclean and hung out with the outcasts, thieves, and adulterers. Jesus sought out, lived with, and loved them all, no matter how unfathomable their mess might be. He loved them lavishly, knowing full well that many would betray Him anyway. Have you ever been betrayed? Blindsided by someone or something? The very last someone or something on earth that you would expect to happen in your family? Me, too. In the moment, it feels inconceivable; the mere shock of it all seems to halt everything. The initial rationale for me is that he or she would never, that this just cannot be true. I've felt trapped. In a quandary of sorts, not knowing what to believe or how this could be happening. Total disbelief and a searing ache cut to your core. Questions, so...

Latter Rain

By: Erica Irvin
Often we live lives filled with transition. These transitions can come in ministry, relationships, family, marriage, careers, and so many other areas. God has a plan for us, so when faced with a season of transition we must prepare ourselves for growth. God wants to send an outpouring our way that will blossom us into all He desires in us.
But, if we don't check the weather (His Word) we will not be prepared for what is to come. It is essential that we give God free reign to do what He wills in our lives. God will send to us people, situations, moves and decisions to get our undivided attention. The beauty comes when we recognize His work and submit to it. Let us look to God's Word to learn how we do this.
"Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given...

Letting Him Write Your Story!

By: Jennifer Mills
As I sit here at my laptop this morning reflecting on 15 years of ministry, I think back to my 22-year-old self---newlywed and on the cusp of such a beautiful journey of life and ministry. But, oh my goodness, that dewy-eyed newlywed had no idea what was to come. We've all heard the statement "hindsight is 20/20". We see and can understand so clearly when looking in the rear-view mirror, but in the moment, when we are praying, seeking and leaning into the Lord for clarity and discernment, it's hard to see the big picture.
Over the last 15 years of marriage and full-time ministry, if I've learned ANYTHING it has been to embrace the posture of "surrender" in my life. Surrender is so much more than that moment of salvation - in surrendering your life to the Lord. The Lord has taught me that it is a daily decision in my life....

I Remember

By: Diane Nix
For the past 11 years when the end of August comes rolling around, I remember. Memories flood over me like the waters of Hurricane Katrina.  My family evacuated our home in New Orleans 12 years ago this week.  A home, in which we had lived for only three weeks.  I had complained about having too much stuff!  I wasn't complaining as we hurriedly stuffed a few items in bags.  Grabbed our Oscar Meyer wienie dog, crammed the four us in our van and headed out in the opposite direction than everyone else.  Yes, that would be my clan.  The family that forges their own path.  Arriving in Panama City Beach, we would make this our home for a month after the hurricane.
I remember living as if I were dreaming every day.  I kept thinking I would wake up, but every day the dream continued.  Suddenly, the many important things in life were...

3 Effective Ways to (Actually) Embrace a Rhythm of Rest

By: Bobi Ann Allen
Is it just me or is genuine rest elusive?
There is an angst deep within me for my mind to slow down and my soul to breathe. Do you feel it? An ache for contentment and room for God to move in your life?
This yearning is evidence of God at work in your life. He is drawing you into a lifestyle and rhythm of rest.
There are and always will be seasoned haired schedules and scores of demands. They shouldn't be ours all the time. They should be seasonal and sporadic.
Living a rhythm of rest is counter cultural and just plain hard. The world functions at break-neck speed and choosing anything different is considered weird.
And there you have it-experiencing a rhythm of rest will require choices so contrary to our culture, it will at first seem awkward and dicey.
Embracing a rhythm of rest is ACTUALLY possible. Here are three ways you can...

Let Them Love You!

By:  Rebecca Holloway  
Your husband has stood beside countless bedsides as dear saints have gone home to glory. You have taken food to those who are sick or have had surgery. You have thrown countless baby showers and wedding showers. Your minister husband and you have prayed with many who have serious family needs or are burdened with life's hardships. You have sent cards and texts when someone needed encouragement. You both have cried with those who wept tears of extreme sorrow or pain.
In ministry, one of our jobs is to be present when someone in our congregation is in need. And often, we receive the blessing from it even when it's a hard situation. We know we have been right where we were supposed to be, doing exactly what God has called us to.

This Thing Called Love

By: Denise Willis
As a believer in the Body of Christ, it is imperative to love as Christ loves. Too often we mistake acceptance for love, withdrawing it from those who may need it most.  We think that if we embrace them or love them, we are accepting the very thing with which we disagree. When we love as Christ loved we do so in a way that points them towards him and away from sin.
Throughout the Bible, we see examples of how Christ loved. In our day and age, our progressive society often wants our display of love to include the embracing of sin.
While Jesus was speaking to the woman at the well (something not done in those days because Samaritans and Jews did not have dealings with one another), He acknowledged her sin (by asking her to call her husband, knowing she did not have one). Though this woman was living a sinful...