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White Puff Balls and the Gospel

By:  Jodi Aiken Wildflowers and weeds occupied the large lot next to the home where I grew up. I loved wandering around the turf searching for treasures. I especially liked to find dandelions. Their yellow petals transform into a white puff ball called a seed head. Finding my treasure, I would bend down, carefully breaking the stem without causing the ball to fall apart. While holding my breath, I held it close to my chest making a wish. Then, I would bring it up to my mouth and blow it as hard as I could. The white puff ball exploded in every direction as if carrying the message of my wish to a magical place. As I recalled this childhood memory, I recognized that as believers in Christ Jesus, we are much like the white puff ball of the dandelion. The ball holds many seeds, and each seed is attached to a stem with white fur...


In 1995 I received a tree ornament from my oldest son that he made in daycare. This one has his handprint and a conversation recorded on the back about what he wanted for Christmas that year. It goes like this: Miss Lavran: “What is Santa Claus bringing you this year?” Dillon: “Something. Blue toys, I think. Big ones. I need another police car because my other police car is broken. I need another radio for my mommy and daddy.” Miss Lavran: “Is that it?” Dillon: “Uh huh, it is.” In the early years of his life, his dad was a police officer. Wanting to imitate his dad, Dillon dressed in his makeshift uniform. Patrolling the living room in his red police car, he would make siren noises while pulling over suspicious stuffed animals, instructing them to behave. Each year that ornament provokes a flood of sweet memories I hold dear to my heart. But this sweet memory always begs...

Finding our Identity

I was busy. Too busy. Working while in school, three kids going ten different directions, a recent move to a new state and my pastor/ husband meeting and greeting as we tried to find our footing. Makes me tired just thinking about it! This pace of life wasn't anything new; this was our life. A continuation of the life we had at our last church and I understood this was for a season. I was sure things would change when the kids grew up, and we completed grad school. It was in this setting that my husband was planning a mission trip to Mexico. No problem, I got the kids. Plans were set but in God's infinite sense of humor Rob got sick the day before the trip. Since it had already paid in full, the church asked if I would be willing to take his place. "No worries," they said, "we will take...

Leave It!

...leave your sacrifice there at the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God. Matt. 5: 24 
Truth....church people get angry at one another.  Sadly, it seems that sometimes the meanest people on God's planet are His children.  Have mercy!  We can be angry, critical, faultfinding, condemning, judgmental, bitter, resentful, backstabbing, and just plain ol' mean to one another.  Jesus cut to the heart of each our self-righteous excuses.  Simply put,
  • "If you stay angry at your brother/sister your guilty of judgment."
  • If you call someone "fool, empty headed" you are to be brought before the religious officials
  • Finally, if you call someone, "moron, good for nothing", then you are guilty of hellfire!
The words of our Lord cut to the marrow.  He further instructs, "If you are offering a gift at the altar and remember that your brother has something against you, leave it there, go and be reconciled...

CJ New and Improved

In the coming weeks we are going to be introducing an exciting new writer and pilates instructor.  Kristianne Stewart will be joining us for "Fit & Spiritual"  On this page we will load video routines just for your home use. We are also adding a nutrition guru - Kendra Perkins.  Kendra has a passion for organic foods and recipes.  Her passion flows to that Christians knowing the foods that will help them feel well and live well the life that Christ has given them.  Can't wait for her to begin to show us how to eat healthier and more natural - budget friendly  - of course!