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Super Mom

I longed to be a mother, but I was barren for the first twelve years of marriage.

Our journey was as follows;
Declared barren
Five failed open adoptions
One still born birth in the six month of pregnancy
High-Risk Pregnancy in our twelfth year of marriage

Mother’s Day was always a brutal reminder that I was still not a mother.  As the Pastor’s wife, I couldn’t or didn’t feel as if I could show any disappointment or sadness, so I put a smile on my face and got through the day.  I even prayed with other motherless women.

I relate to Hannah of I Samuel!  She was the example of a desperate woman of God.  She carried her burdened heart to the Lord, and He heard her cry!  (I Samuel 1:8-28)

She became the ultimate Super Mom!  Hannah gave birth to Samuel and faithfully carried out her commitment by giving him to the Lord.

Super Mom’s are not exclusive.

You know you are a “Super Mom” if….

You are devoted first and foremost to the Lord.

You dedicate your children to the Lord.
Surrendering your children to the will of the Lord despite what you think or what you might think you know.

You keep your promises to the Lord.

You nurture them in the Word and disciple them to live lives surrendered to the Lord.

You never stop being their mom but, in the right season, you release them and let them be the men and women you stewarded them to be. (THIS IS HARD)

You NEVER stop praying for them and serving them.

Hannah was faithful to keep her promise, and the Lord remembered Hannah, and she had more children. You can read further in I Samuel 1 – 2:21.

Today, 24 years later, I have two spiritual daughters, 36 and 34.  Two birth daughters 22 and 19.  These daughters have brought into my life, two precious grandchildren, one son-in-law, one future son-in-law and a boyfriend. I cannot imagine my life without them.  They honor me with their lives, and I am forever grateful for the honor of being their mom.

To all the Super Mom’s out there……Happy Mother’s Day!  We will not know till heaven the actual return of our investment.  May the Lord reward your faithfulness!

Never give up or lose hope!
Love, Diane

Diane Nix

Diane is the director and founder of Contagious Joy 4 Him, a network of encouragement to ministry wives around the globe. Her husband, Dr. Preston Nix, is professor of evangelism and evangelistic preaching at NOBTS. Serving in ministry together for 34 years, they have two biological daughters, two spiritual grown daughters, one spiritual son-in-law Robby and two precious grandchildren, Samuel and Jailee.  She is an author, speaker and blogger.

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